Garland fits the archetype of a modern NBA point guard to a T. He projects to have an elite shot which allows him to be effective both on or off the ball. Garland is bringing with him the best handle in the draft. The threat of his shot along with his handle allows him to create scoring opportunities one on one or out of a P&R. Sometimes he has too quick of a trigger but he doesn’t often play outside of the offense. Garland can score at all three levels and stretches the floor beyond the three point line. Due to playing a shortened season and a skewed sample size, Garland became underrated as a passer. He is a score first guard, however, he will run the offense and make the right reads. Garland won’t dazzle you as a passer in the same way Morant might, but he is capable of making a flashy pass himself (sometimes to his detriment).  


Garland is often talked about as a weak defender, but tape says otherwise. He is always talking and communicating on this end. He has active hands and knows when to play the passing lanes. Garland has sneaky length and is stronger than he appears. He is excellent chasing shooters around screens. Garland has quick feet, moves well laterally, and is good at switching his stance on change of direction situations. When playing in a switching scheme he is always touching the offensive players to help his teammates recover. When playing more traditional schemes, Garland will fight and sliver over screens and closes out on shooters without jumping. Garland won’t be Patrick Beverly but he is a good team defender with good fundamentals.